Trowbridge & District Metal Detecting Club
Mission Statement

N C M D Code of conduct
Treasure Act
Portable Antiquities Scheme
Country Code

As a metal detecting club we support and encourage the following organisations , codes of practice, and the relevant laws of the land.

  • The club is a active member of the Western Region of the National Council for Metal Detecting, and accept in full the code of conduct laid down by our elected representatives on the N C M D.

  • Treasure Act
  • All members must report items that fall under the Treasure Act 1996, and any changes as they become law.

  • P A S
  • As a club we encourage all members to use the Portable Antiquities Scheme, (P A S) to report, and record finds with the Wiltshire Finds Liaison Officer.

  • Country Code
  • We recognise and accept the Country code, as good practice, especially on the farms where we have permission as a club to detect, and require all our members to conform to this code.

  • Chairman Mr Dave Rees. Treasurer Mr Ray Case. Secretary Mrs Sue Whyborn.

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